King Kongs is an Interior Design Agency mainly focused on hospitality design but doesn’t avoid to tackle any other creative requests or indecent proposals. King Kongs roughly embraces new creative missions to pursue a variety of popping end results.

It’s all about the experience! ..which is why it’s not just the big stuff that counts for us. Whether an interior design is extremely straightforward, eccentric or just a wall of simultaneous piled bricks: from the first spark we’ll lead the way for our clients. From the front to the back, from the beginning ‘till the end: we’ll guard the identity and continuously watch over quality. We’ll shape their thoughts and wishes. 

From hotel to (pop-up) restaurant, from office to retail, from branding to concept stores and from heritage to modern. We take our jobs seriously, there’s lots of knowledge under our roof and we believe in what we add to the world. It’s what people sense that counts, what makes people feel inspired and what makes people smile.

The serious part is not to take it too seriously. The technical work is not what makes the difference, that’s the easy part: it’s just necessary, we’ll fix that anyway. But this is not what makes your interior exceptional. What makes the difference, that what you can’t define, is what we think of. The image we create, what’s visible, is the essence. We create a relation between our clients and the story they want to tell.


King Kongs is opinionated, not mainstream, produces a distinct identity and is not for the weak-hearted.


King Kongs loves you and we believe that you love King Kongs. We are enthusiastic and inspired, we are accurate, contemporary and up to date. We are not the YES-man and also no-one under our roof suffers from YES-ism. In other words: We wear our hearts upon our sleeves.


We are pioneers, but prefer Apple. We are free – only for the good cause – we can sometimes be a pain in the ass, we are award winners, we are tattooed, we fight for the best results while we are your best friends and the black sheep.


King Kongs is based in the Design Capital of the world, in The Netherlands of course. The centre of Eindhoven is our point of departion. But.. basically we are everywhere. We’ll make a home and an office anywhere we work. We have pop-up offices all over the world like Ibiza, Berlin, Antwerp, Granada, Abu Dhabi, New York & Shanghai and somewhere in the pacific. And if you’re willing to travel, give us a call, we’ll show you our latest work. (If you want to stay in your lazy chair with some salty popcorn, you can have a look on Behance… You’ll be wired with our work online.) 


The name King Kongs goes round for approximately 7 years, yet we are a generously well-endowed team with decades of experience in various other agencies. In case you’re wondering: we’ll stay for ever and ever ever and ever ever ever.

Our team contains a mixture of creative outbursts and lots of experience. The core oompa loompas are Mehdi le Mair, Alumnus from Royal Academy of Arts in Antwerp and Martijn Gosen, decided to take things serious not too serious, doing tricks with all kinds of exquisite and super smart business stuff nevertheless being creative as well. Then there’s ‘The Team’ which exists out of headstrong, but imaginative and very talented people.

Furthermore we work with illustrators and graphic-geeks, tech-nerds, artists, golfers, wakeboarders, surf girls, old and wise people, annoying people, punkers, glam-rockers, posh, stockbrokers, rainbow warriors and animals (especially gorillas).

And you want to quote WHO?